CHS for gaming is a leading edge management and monitoring tool used to power NRT's full line of innovative cash handling products. Utilizing a web-based interface, CHS™ can be accessed around the world providing in-depth reporting and unit monitoring, giving you real time management and alerts. With a user-friendly intuitive graphical interface work smart, simple and secure.

Put the power in your hands

  • Manages & monitors NRT's full line of innovative products
  • Maximizes machine availability
  • Real time graphical display of machine status
  • Utilizes SQL server, robust database management
  • Streamlines operational management & audit reporting
  • Remote administration & machine maintenance
  • Enhanced security features
  • Real-time reporting
  • Hardware independent
  • Transaction Reporting on Ticket Redemption, Bill Breaking, ATM, CCCA & POS DEBIT

Integrated Reporting
& Monitoring Features

All receipts generated by the QuickJack™ unit can be reproduced in CHS

  • Real-time reporting
  • Enhanced report filtering
  • Unit availability information
  • View activity of QuickJack™ units in real time
  • Notification Paging System
  • Monitor Multiple Properties within your Casino Enterprise
  • Configurable Reports to Meet your Needs

Unit Management Features

  • QuickJack™ units can be grouped
  • Commands can be sent to a specific QuickJack™, a group or all units
  • Tasks can either be initialized manually or scheduled
  • CHS contains comprehensive event tracking