Up-time is our number one priority and NRT Technology is committed to our customer’s success. We win when you win. This means providing the most reliable payment processing infrastructure in the industry.

Two PCI Data Centers

NRT Technology operates two PCI compliant mirrored data centers located in separate geographic sites, with a private LAN extension connecting the two sites.

Multi Links

Each site has redundant telecommunication links to the network, internet and third party processors with dual routers and dual circuit configurations.

Back Up

The databases are synchronized and backed up daily. The backed up data is stored off site and tests are regularly conducted to ensure the data is recoverable.

Peer-To-Peer Replication

Peer-To-Peer replication is bi-directional allowing both databases to be online and active simultaneously. Replication occurs real-time rather than at intervals, mitigating potential for data loss.

Easy Maintenance

When scheduled maintenance is performed at one data center, all transactions are automatically routed to the other active center.


State-of-the-art monitoring system that monitors live flow of transactions. It notifies our 24x7 NOC operations team immediately if and where a potential incident occur. This helps resolve the root of the problem very quickly before the customers are affected.


NRT Technology maintains PCI-compliant systems and processes both within and among its business partners. Our highly advance systems encrypt data from the ATM and Cage Center level such that our clients have no exposure with data transfer through casino local area networks. Encrypting the entire message at the device level is a step above what is required by PCI.

This process enables NRT Technology to utilize existing property internet services to conduct transactions without any special encryption hardware or routers to maintain. Utilizing the existing internet services lowers the cost of operations, and the savings are passed to you through increased commissions.