Michael Dominelli


15 years of experience

Michael is President of NRT, and leads the day-to-day worldwide operations of the company.  All senior executives report to him.

Over the last two decades, Michael chose to work across nearly every department of the company so that he could become intimately familiar with all the details that make NRT’s solutions so successful. From cleaning and assembling machines on the production floor, to negotiating important partnerships for the company, Michael has dedicated his career to making sure NRT always delivers incredible value to its customers while taking exceptional care of its employees. Prior to being appointed President Michael held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for NRT. A graduate of York University’s Schulich school of business and a former semi-professional athlete and Tae-Kwon-Do black belt, he leads the company with a tireless drive to always be better, more collaborative, and more innovative.

Michael also currently serves as a board member of the American Gaming Association.