Digital Rewards Revolutionize Casino Industry – NRT Technology and BHN Lead the Charge.

Toronto – 02/ 22/ 2024 – In response to the evolving landscape of the casino industry, NRT Technology and Blackhawk Network (BHN), a global leader in the rewards and incentives industry, are spearheading a revolutionary shift towards digital rewards, ushering in a new era of customer engagement and employee recognition.

Traditionally, casinos have relied on physical rewards such as merchandise and gifts to entice players and reward employees. However, these methods have proven to be inefficient and costly, burdened with logistical challenges ranging from inventory management to theft prevention.

Recognizing these challenges in addition to changing preferences of today’s consumers, NRT Technology and BHN have collaborated to offer innovative digital solutions that provide near instant gratification and flexibility for players while solving for pain points many casinos experience. Research indicates a growing demand for digital-first rewards that align more closely with individual interests and needs.

“This collaboration marks a pivotal transition in the casino reward paradigm, representing a significant leap forward in aligning casino loyalty and incentives programs with the digital-first initiative that today’s consumers demand” said Bill Warshauer, Region Head, North America Incentives at BHN. “Poised to redefine the landscape of casino rewards, this collaboration seamlessly integrates digital solutions that resonate with the modern player. Utilizing the advanced digital platforms of NRT Technologies in conjunction with BHN’s expansive catalog and expertise in digital rewards, this collaboration plans to introduce a more efficient, cost-saving, and captivating rewards and loyalty experience. These innovative platforms not only address the logistical and financial inefficiencies associated with physical rewards, but also help drive both new and returning players to casino floors.”

NRT’s suite of solutions, integrated with BHN’s leading digital rewards offering, not only enhances customer engagement but also provides significant benefits for employee recognition programs. By adopting digital solutions for rewards, casinos can cultivate a more motivated and engaged workforce, driving organizational growth and market share capture.

“Digital rewards are imperative to a customer centric strategy.,” said Michael Dominelli, President at NRT Technology. “As the industry moves forward, casinos leveraging digital rewards systems will set new standards for customer and employee satisfaction, positioning themselves at the forefront of marketing innovation.”

As the casino industry embraces digital transformation, NRT Technology and BHN are committed to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to their clients.

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