NRT Introduces Next-Level Financial Intelligence Software Aura AML

Toronto, March 23, 2023 – NRT Technology, a FinTech and information technology leader in the global gaming industry, has announced the release of Aura AML, a next-level future-ready unifying platform that aggregates, tracks, and reports all financial transactions across the entire casino.

This new purpose built technology was designed specifically for the casino industry and incorporates a unique case analysis methodology that streamlines data aggregation, allowing compliance teams to simply and easily track financial transactions on a case by case basis, increasing security and reducing the risk of fraud.

“Aura AML is a financial watchdog and gatekeeper, allowing you to protect your business from financial crimes and fulfilling all of the detailed reporting requirements necessary to the fast-paced casino environment,” said Michael Dominelli, President of NRT Technology. “We developed Aura from the ground up to provide the rigorous vigilance, protection, and accuracy required by our customers in the global gaming community.”

NRT has also announced that they will continue to develop new features for Aura AML based on the changing needs of both their customers and the industry. Included in the currently available and forthcoming features of the product are real time aggregation of related transactions, a Patron Investigation tab for historical analysis of qualifying patron transactions, a customizable dashboard, built-in workflow management, and CTR and SAR activity monitoring and SAR analytics.

“The needs of the casino industry are constantly evolving as new gaming technologies and new threats appear almost daily,” said Dominelli. “We are proud to have developed a solution flexible enough to grow and change with them while always maintaining our high standards of quality, accuracy, and security.”