NRT Technology Goes Green With Installation Of Solar Power

TORONTO, November 30, 2021 – NRT Technology, the leading FinTech and Information Technology company in the global gaming industry, has launched their commitment to sustainability by converting sunlight into energy through the implementation of a 55,000 square foot solar power system at their Toronto headquarters.  The solar panels, which cover the entire roof of the building, form the basis for a 385 KW solar PV generation plant which will produce 98% of NRT’s annual electricity requirements. 

“At NRT, we are committed to moving forward with green initiatives that will help us to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of life for our employees and our community,” said Michael Dominelli, President of NRT.  “This new solar installation will not only help us to become more energy efficient, but it will allow us to give back to the grid by creating a more self-sustaining workplace and reducing our use of the city’s resources.”

The solar panels, which will produce 463,000 KWh per year and lower CO2 emissions by 61 tons annually, were supplied and installed by Toronto-based solar energy provider Alectric.  Over the course of the project, Alectric furthered the cause of sustainability by planting 385 trees in support of TreeCanada, a national non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees in rural and urban environments.

The new solar installation is the latest in a series of green initiatives that NRT has been introducing on a company-wide basis for the past several years.  Among their other notable achievements are the significant reduction of paper waste through the electronic distribution of all NRT booklets and advertising materials, and the replacement of all lights at the Toronto office with longer lasting and more energy efficient LED bulbs.

About NRT NRT is a global technology leader in the design and development of next-generation fin-tech, digital guest, player and operational platforms. Enabling millions of unique guest services for enterprise gaming operators, our solution portfolio includes secure payment systems, specialized financial and marketing kiosks, AML compliance tracking, financial intelligence solutions, electronic marker solutions, digital loyalty, marketing and our industry leading intelligent table game platform.  Seamlessly combining technological innovation, in-house infrastructure, and strategic partnerships, NRT creates the most convenient, reliable, and secure omni-channel payment ecosystem for casino operators and their guests.