NRT Unveils the smartSPEND Gift Shop, Empowering Casinos to Elevate Customer Experience and Loyalty

Las Vegas, 10/6/2023 — NRT, a leader in innovative solutions for the casino industry, is thrilled to introduce the smartSPEND Gift Shop solution, a game-changing advancement designed to enhance the Customer Experience at resorts and casinos across the globe. With the smartSPEND Gift Shop, casinos can reward their valued Customers and offer entirely new and convenient reasons to plan their next visit!

Key Features of the smartSPEND Gift Shop Solution:

  1. Customer-Centric Experience: The smartSPEND Gift Shop puts the Customer at the forefront by allowing them to choose their own rewards from a wide selection of enticing gifts, both physical and experiential.

  2. Online Selection: Customers can browse and select their preferred rewards from the comfort of their own homes or while on the casino floor, creating a seamless, convenient, virtual shopping experience.

  3. In-Casino Redemption: While the Customer may select their reward from anywhere, the redemption process takes place at the casino, providing an additional incentive for Customers to return to the gaming floor.

  4. Eliminate On-Site Inventory: The smartSPEND Gift Shop ELIMINATES the need for casinos to store and manage physical inventory, freeing up valuable space and resources and greatly reducing security and management costs.

  5. Reduce Operational Complexity: Gift fulfillment can be completely self-service by the Customer via kiosk, eliminating need for Employee interaction to facilitate the redemption process.

  6. Enhanced Security and Convenience: Customers can trust in the secure and reliable delivery of their selected gifts, adding an extra layer of confidence to their gaming experience, while also conveniently ensuring the Customer’s gift arrives back home when they do.

“The smartSPEND Gift Shop solution represents a pivotal moment in the casino industry,” said Steve Conlon, Vice President Digital Solutions at NRT. “By partnering with NRT, casinos can elevate their Customer Experience, reduce operational complexity and cost, and create an exciting, personalized journey for their Customers.”

NRT is excited to offer the smartSPEND Gift Shop solution to casinos worldwide. To learn more about how this innovative solution can transform your casino’s offerings and delight your Customers, please visit or contact our Team for a personalized demonstration

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