DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) allows you to capture revenue from every foreign exchange transaction involving international cards on your QuickJack™ and ABM network.

  • Seamlessly add DCC to all of your ABM, QuickJackTM ABM or Cash Dispensing Machines
  • Earn new revenue on every international transaction
  • Receive detailed and transparent transaction reporting with ongoing customer service
  • Foreign exchange risk and transaction settlements managed by NRT
  • Provide international cardholders with the instantaneous choice to convert to their home currency with real-time rates

NRT now connects you with expertise in pricing, hedging and knowledge of the varying conditions in the foreign exchange market. Let us maximize foreign exchange opportunities through a new revenue stream, while providing a number of flexible pricing terms to meet your needs.

  • Customizable Spreads (by basis point and/or by channel)
  • Adjustable Spreads – enhancing revenue opportunities over time
  • VIP Spreads – customizable for your most important customers

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